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Clinical Social Worker Intern / Therapist Intern

Start date: 01/08/2024(flexible)Duration: 53 Weeks
Unpaid InternshipPlus benefits16 - 20 hrs/wk

4 months ago


Note: Internship start and end dates are flexible. We will work with the time frame your school requires.


  • Spring 2024 Start (1 opening)
  • Summer OR Fall 2024 Start (3 Openings)

We check applications every other Wednesday, so please allow at minimum 2 weeks for a response / request for interview.


As social workers we're called to wear many different hats. The purpose of this

internship is to expose you to ALL of them. Many of you have entered the clinical track because you are interested in *doing therapy*. However, once you become a licensed clinician, there is more to that you’ll be expected to do than just conducting therapy sessions. This is especially true if you want to go into private practice one day.

For this reason, you will be trained to learn all the skills necessary to be a Clinical Social Worker who operates their own private practice. While you will have responsibilities that are clinical and direct client contact hours, you will also have responsibilities that concern administrative duties, marketing, and documentation. You prwill also be required to participate in grou & individual supervisioh.


As previously stated, you will wear many hats. Here are some of the roles you may be asked to take on, as they come with running a private practice.

Direct Client Contact

  • Conducting Intake Sessions

You will gather the initial information from the Client and ensure they sign

the intake documents prior to Client being scheduled for the assessment with a


  • Background Questionnaire

After completing intake documents, you will have the ability to complete the

Client Background Questionnaire with Client.

  • Scheduling

After completing the intake documents and questionnaire with Clients, you will

schedule them for their assessment with a therapist. You are allowed to shadow

these sessions.

  • Assessment Note

After the assessment is completed, interns will be expected to complete the

assessment summary note. A template is provided in this guide.

  • Shadowing Individual Sessions

Much of the direct client contact you will receive will be through shadowing

individual sessions. You will not run individual therapy sessions on your own, but

you will be allowed to shadow and contribute information.

  • Shadowing & Co-Leading Group Sessions

You will first shadow a few group sessions before you will be allowed to Co-Lead

a group session. Each intern is expected to Co-Lead at least 1 group per semester.

  • Follow Ups

You will receive a list of Clients who need to be followed up with and the concern

that you are following up about. You will be expected to complete these duties by

the specified deadline.


As you practice on this road to becoming clinicians it is imperative that you learn efficient

documentation skills and the different requirements of documentation and reporting timelines.

1. You will be expected to document sessions you sit in (SOAP Notes) and contacts you make with clients (PIE Notes).

2. You will learn the difference between a PIE note and a SOAP note and practice using both.

3. You will assist in documenting Biopsychosocial Assessments.

Administrative Tasks

These tasks can include sending emails, connecting with partner agencies and referral sources, updating resource lists, verifying insurance benefits, and other administrative tasks not listed but necessary to run a private practice.

Marketing Tasks

Marketing is important for building and maintaining a consistent caseload and producing more revenue in your business. You will be expected to help with the following:

  • Social Media Channels & SEO

You will learn the basics of SEO and how to implement them on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Pinterest. Each intern will be assigned a different platform to run each week.

  • Blog Updates

Each intern will be expected to contribute 1 blog post per month on a Mental Health Topic of their choice, preferably one that they have learned about or experienced through their shadowing sessions.

  • Email Newsletter

A newsletter will go out once per month with updates. Every intern will be expected to do format 1 newsletter per semester.

Motivational Messages and Affirmations

Agency will send out motivational messages and affirmations daily to clients. There will be a running list. Interns will be expected to contribute some motivational messages to this batch.


Most schools require 1 hour of supervision per week. You will usually get more than that as we will debrief between sessions. However, we will have group supervision every other week (Wednesday 11am to 1pm) for 2 hours and you will have individual check-ins at least once per month for 1 hour.

Number of positions available



Minimum Requirements

  • Be enrolled in an MSW program in the United States of America
  • Pass a criminal backgrouond check
  • Have access to a computer and stable wifi

Ethical Requirements

  • Have empathy and compassion for others
  • Have a welcoming personality and ability to talk to strangers with ease
  • Be accepting and understanding of underprivileged and marginalized groups (Financially disadvantaged, medically disadvantaged or fragile, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+)
  • Be willing to learn

Software & Skills Requirement

  • Have basic knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powepoint, google Drive, Google Sheets, Gmail & Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok)
  • Can type at least 30 words per minute ((Preferred)

About Healed and Educated

We provide individual, group, and family therapy (as well as case management) for people dealing with mental illness and/or social injustice. We also provide Mental Health Awareness through Blogging, Newsletters, and Social Media content
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Skills you'll need for this internship

    social work
    mental health
    google groups

Skills you'll learn in this internship


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How will you be compensated for this role?

Benefits for this internship

  • Becausee many social work programs do not aqllow paid internships/field placements, we do not offr monetary compensation as to show equity. Instead, everyone will receive school credit and a reference letter upon successful completion. You will also gqin a wealth of knowledge and experience.


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What happens after you send in your application?

Healed and Educated has not provided an expected interview date. Due to the volume of applications, Healed and Educated has indicated that they will not follow up unless you are selected for an interview.

Healed and Educated also indicates this role is likely to convert to full-time.

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Career Paths

People who completed this type of internship end up in the following types of jobs

Top majors

That get hired for this type of internship

  • Social Work79%

  • Psychology6%

  • Counseling Psychology2%

  • Management Science0%

  • Sociology0%

  • 137 other majors9%

People who did this kind of internship end up at the following companies

  • Department Of Veterans Affairs
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • NYC
  • New York Presbyterian Hospital
  • Los Angeles Unified School District


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