Longevity / Biohacking Event Planning

internship - part time, unpaid

Center for Research on Addiction and Brain Health
San Diego, CA
Posted 44 Days ago
Center for Research on Addiction and Brain Health
San Diego, CA
internship - part time, unpaid
Posted 44 Days ago


We are looking for an enthusiastic, organized planner! Are you fascinated with biohacking and up-to-date on all the podcasts covering it? Do you have a cute planner with all of the Jelly pens and Washi tape? Are you looking to expand your event planning skills to polish your resume? Then this volunteer position might be the perfect opportunity to boost your resume.


We are planning for an event in October 2018 in Las Vegas. It is known as the Woodstock of Longevity. You'll be introduced to some of the most forward thinking minds in the field of longevity science and the most innovative, cutting edge therapies. Over the next 3 months, we'll be designing the booth, the work flow in the booth, anticipating any issues and coming up with solutions, and staffing the event. At the event, you'll be on the floor overseeing the work flow. You'll learn about and work with biomarkers and senolytics.

Responsibilities include:

Pre-event planning, logistics, promotional efforts and post-event follow ups. 

Manage inventory of event materials and order promotional items. 

Coordinate and transport event materials. 

Collaborate with marketing department and other team members for advertisement and sales. 

Create and manage systems for client registration and biomarker administration.

Assist with general project management and administration as necessary.

Be available during the event to help oversee the booth.


During the conference, lodging, transportation, and a ticket for meals is included. Your off time is yours to explore Las Vegas!


event planning, event management, marketing, advertising, lodging, sales, project management, logistics, registration, administration, cooking, conference services, forward thinking, meeting planning, tourism

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