Foster Pet Program Intern

internship - part time, unpaid

Beacon of Hope Crisis Center
Indianapolis, IN
Posted 32 Days ago
Beacon of Hope Crisis Center
Indianapolis, IN
internship - part time, unpaid
Posted 32 Days ago


The Foster Pet Program intern reports to the Crisis Call Intervention Coordinator but works closely with the Foster Pet Program Coordinator. The Foster Pet Program Intern Advocate provides administrative and program support to the Foster Pet Program Coordinator. The Foster Pet Program Victim Advocate Intern will assist the Program Coordinator with marketing, fundraising activities, community presentations, coordinating pet transfer, and picking up donations for the Foster Pet Program and among other duties assigned by the Program Coordinator.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Preparing material for prevention seminars, outreach programs and marketing via social media
  • Accompanying and assisting the program coordinator with events
  • Insuring the completion of forms by the victim (victim and pet information, intake/assessment forms, agreement, releases of liability form, etc.)
  • Monitoring the pet status throughout its stay on a weekly basis
  • Must follow BOHCC protocol regarding updates
  • Serving as a liaison, providing follow-up between victims and foster families; updating the victim about their pet on a weekly basis.
  • Must follow BOHCC protocol regarding updates
  • Coordinating the transfer of pets (picking up and dropping off pets to and from foster families, animal clinics for spay/neuter procedures, vaccinations, or microchipping)
  • Marketing the program to shelters, veterinarians, community donors, etc.
  • Distributing marketing material throughout the community
  • Organizing fundraisers to help with vet bills, food, and supplies
  • Picking up pet supplies from donors
  • Maintain professionalism at all times including:
  • Positive rapport with collaborative partners and express only positive feedback.
  • Positive rapport with victims
  • Providing clients with information and support as appropriate
  • Answering all incoming calls, including crisis calls, informational calls, follow-up contact calls and calls for staff members
  • Completing crisis call assessment forms with callers to determine program eligibility and appropriateness
  • Maintaining complete, accurate and timely information on callers and completing subsequent data entry

Required hours, duration of internship, and start date will all be determined in conjunction with the applicant's schedule.


social media, fundraising, event management, data entry, social media marketing, organization, sql, presentations, outreach services, donations, major donors, community, foster care, youth development, community outreach

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