Intern - Technical Writing for Process flow and Documentation

internship - part time, unpaid

Used Cardboard Boxes, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
Posted 15 Days ago
Used Cardboard Boxes, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
internship - part time, unpaid
Posted 15 Days ago


Under general supervision writes and prepares instruction manuals, handbooks, desk aides, process maps and other supporting documents to communicate complex and technical information to existing and new employees and non-technical learners. Works with a variety of stakeholders including management, Zero Waste team, Purchasing team, Sales team and clients to help establish connective language and a unified voice.

Essential Duties

  • Consults with Zero Waste team to determine the technical materials needed by targeted learners, target audience, and desired outcomes to ensure that the writing assignment meets the communication goals.
  • Develops high-quality written materials that meet applicable standards and is appropriate for its intended audience. Materials must provide clear, concise explanation and directions for use and implementation of policies, procedures, processes, regulations, issues, completion of needed documentation and forms and other supporting materials for online government data system.
  • Analyzes all documents to maintain continuity of style of content. Creates tutorials to help end-users use a variety of applications. Manages updates and revisions to existing technical material.
  • Designs and implements methodologies to obtain feedback to ensure end users understand and are able to implement the instructions in the written materials.
  • Works with project team to: make use of photographs, drawings, diagrams, animation, and charts that increase users understanding; develop process maps. Select appropriate medium(s) for message or audience, such as handbooks, desk aides, process maps and/or online videos; standardize content across platforms and media; and other methods and ideas to increase end users understanding of technical material.
  • Ensures quality of all written materials including that they convey the correct message and contain a logical flow of ideas, are well-organized with appropriate headings and are free of spelling, grammatical, punctuation, and word choice errors. Proofreads and edits material submitted by other authors to enhance style and readability appropriate to the target audience.
  • Provides other technical writing as assigned.

Desired Qualifications

Familiar with the subjects sustainability, waste management, procedures and processes. Ability to complete process mapping. Knowledge of the structure and usage of the English language, including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar. Skill and experience in organizing work and meeting deadlines. Skill in the use of computers/software programs and various applications, including ability to effectively research information on internet and utilize tools such as online or internal databases. Ability to clearly communicate verbally.


technical writing, communication, manuals, web content, grammar, microsoft word, agile methodologies, sales, english, documentation, databases, organization, government, tutorials, research information

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