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Electrical Sales Engineer

Start date: 11/21/2022(flexible)
Unpaid Internship20 - 25 hrs/wk

a year ago


We are looking for a tech-savvy sales engineer to assist with the selling of complex scientific and technological products and services involved ozone generating equipment using cold plasma technology for the air purification. You can check us out at

The Sales Engineer's responsibilities include maintaining extensive knowledge of the products' parts, functions, and processes and assisting to close sales where technical expertise may be required to fit the clients' needs.

To be successful as a sales engineer, you should possess an in-depth knowledge of our company's technical products and services and you should be able to relate this knowledge in a way that is understandable to non-technical customers. You should be driven to achieve your sales goals and should have excellent sales and customer service skills.

Sales Engineer Responsibilities:

·        Preparing and developing technical presentations to explain our company's products or services to customers.

·        Discussing equipment needs and system requirements with customers and engineers.

·        Collaborating with sales teams to understand customer requirements and provide sales support.

·        Generating high-quality sales leads, following up after initial contact, securing and renewing orders, negotiating prices, completing sales, and arranging deliveries.

·        Researching, developing and modifying products to meet customers' technical requirements and needs.

·        Helping customers who have problems with installed products and recommending improved or upgraded materials and machinery.

·        Soliciting and logging client feedback and evaluating the data to create new sales and marketing strategies to target customers.

·        Identifying areas for improvement and communicating these issues as well as possible solutions to upper management.

·        Setting and achieving sales goals and quotas.

·        Training other members of the sales team on the technical aspects of the company's products and services.


·        Degree in engineering, marketing, business administration, or related field.

·        Experience in sales and the technology field.

·        Strong communication, interpersonal, customer service, and sales skills.

·        The ability to relate technical information to non-technical customers.

·        Excellent technical and problem-solving skills.

·        Good leadership and team working skills.

·        Willingness to continue your sales and engineering education.

About Journey To Wellness Inc.

Journey To Wellness, Inc., is a privately owned substance abuse, addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment facility specially designed to help clients overcome emotional trauma or addiction challenges, using conventional and brief therapies as well as holistic alternative healing approaches.
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Skills you'll need for this internship

    sales engineering
    technical presentations
    sales support
    industrial control
    engineering education
    safety engineering
    manufacturing engineering

Skills you'll learn in this internship


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Journey To Wellness Inc. is actively interviewing now. Due to the volume of applications, Journey To Wellness Inc. has indicated that they will not follow up unless you are selected for an interview.

Journey To Wellness Inc. also indicates this role is likely to convert to full-time.

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  • Rockwell Automation
  • Trane


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