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Onsite - Work onsite all of the time Job Summary First Job Previous Job 1217 of 3500 Next Job Last Job More Like This Between $20.00 and $25.00 Per Hour Position range in Albuquerque MSA $40.85 - $74.75 Per hour Distribution Lines Engineer Intern T&D Services LLC Occupation: Electrical Engineers Location: Albuquerque, NM - 87113 Positions available:1 Job #: 855187 Work At Home option: No Posted: 8/8/2023 Updated: 8/10/2023 Expires: 9/4/2023 Source: New Mexico Workforce Connection Site: New Mexico Workforce Connection Job Requirements BD 06 Job Properties Job Description Job Description VET FILE SEARCH: 11 APM 8/08/2023 to 11 AM 8/09/2023 APPLY ONLY IF YOU MEET AT LEAST THE BASIC REQUIREMENTS The Jobs for Veterans Act mandates priority of service to veterans seeking employment and training opportunities. To ensure compliance with this law, this job posting will provide priority service to veterans. ________________________________________________________________________________ Distribution Lines Engineer Intern Under the appropriate level of supervision, the Distribution Lines Engineer Intern works in the Distribution Division designing power distribution for electric utility clients including overhead and underground line design. The position involves detailed design of new lines, renovations, and upgrades for high voltage projects. Education Requirements Successful candidates will have completed a B.S. degree in Electrical, Mechanical, or Civil Engineering. Position Responsibilities Duties include assisting in the preparation of engineering deliverables for electric utility power distribution projects such as: 1. Initial routing, layout, and design of single phase and three-phase overhead and underground distribution line design including site plan feasibility and joint-use field review and design. 2. Distribution line design with wood, concrete, and steel pole support structures and appurtenances, and cable tension design calculations and clearance checks. 3. Electrical one-line drawings, detailed physical layouts, and construction drawings. 4. Evaluation of system performance and recommendation of engineering solutions to address system risks, reliability, load growth, and to minimize operating expenses. 5. Structure analysis and pole design, framed and guyed structures, and foundations. 6. Analysis and design of conductors for sag, ground clearances, spacing, galloping, etc. 7. Equipment and material selection and specification and preparation of cost estimates and bills of material. 8. Application of basic engineering principles, specifications, policies, and procedures. Preferred Qualifications: 1. Bachelor's degree in Electrical, Mechanical or Civil Engineering, power specific program and cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 preferred. ABET accredited program or equivalent required. 2. Eligibility to take Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam or obtain EIT within 1-2 years. 3. 0-3 years of engineering experience. 4. Knowledge of Engineering Standards including NEC, NESC, NEMA, IEEE and ANSI. 5. Familiarity with AutoCAD and knowledge of Power Line Systems software suite (i.e., PLSCADD, PLS-POLE). 6. Understanding of basic principles of project management. 7. Experience in Microsoft Software Applications (Word, Excel, Power Point). 8. Strong written and verbal communication skills. 9. Ability to work closely with other engineering and design team members to coordinate overall design package and requirements. Duration of position: 4 to 5 months Number of hours per week: No more than 29 hours Salary Range: $20.00 to $25.00 per hour Employer Research Employer Research T&D Services LLC Is a Private Sector employer Company Profile: (Confidential) 20-49 employees Jobs from this Employer Distribution Lines Drafting Intern T&D Services LLC Albuquerque, NM Internship | $20.00-$25.00 Hour VET FILE SEARCH: 11 APM 8/08/2023 to 11 AM 8/09/2023 APPLY ONLY IF YOU MEET AT LEAST THE BASIC REQUIREMENTS The Jobs for Veterans Act mandates priority of service to veterans seeking employment and training opportunities. To ensure compliance with this law, this job posting will provide priority service to veterans. _________________________________________________________________________________ Distribution Lines Drafting Intern Under the appropriate level of supervision, the Distribution Drafting Intern supports development of engineering designs for the construction of high voltage overhead and underground power lines. Education Requirements Successful candidates will have completed a minimum of two years toward a B.S. degree in Electrical, Mechanical, or Civil Engineering, or a similar degree plan with curriculum that includes CAD Drafting. Position Responsibilities Works under the direct supervision of a project manager or project engineer to develop plans sheets detailing: 1. project plan/profile drawings, 2. distribution line structures, 3. parts assemblies, 4. steel/concrete/wood pole details and manufacturing specifications, 5. conductor stringing charts, 6. underground splice vault details, and 7. cabling details. Preferred Qualifications 1. Working knowledge of three-dimensional drafting software to include AutoCAD-3D, Civil Desktop, SolidWorks, or similar. 2. Ability to select manufactured parts used in the construction of overhead and underground powerlines from published catalogs based on size, strength ratings, manufacturing process and material properties. 3. Ability to virtually assemble multiple parts using three-dimensional drafting software to check for dimensional compatibility and tolerances. 4. Ability to review steel, concrete, and wood pole manufacturer drawings and compare to design drawings for conformance with specifications and design tolerances. Position Requirements This position requires simultaneously working with a project manager and project engineers as part of a project team to meet client requirements and schedules. The ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing is key to success in this position. Duration of position : 4 to 5 months Number of hours per week: No more than 29 hours Salary Range : $20.00 to $25.00 per hour This chart is used to compare your background against this job to help to determine if you would be a good fit for this position. You match 0% of the General Job Requirements. You match 0% of the Skills Required, and you match 0% of the Specialized Job Requirements. End of interactive chart. View Save See all jobs from T&D Services LLC Location/Work Site Information Location/Work Site Information Address: 9550 San Mateo Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113 Work At Home option: No Public Transportation Accessible: No Location/Work Site Industry (NAICS): Engineering Services (541330) Cost of Living: View cost of living information based on this location Compensation and Hours Compensation and Hours Salary Range: $20.00 - $25.00 Hour DOE (Depends on Experience) Benefits Provided: 401K, Dental, Holidays, Life Insurance, Medical, Paid Time Off, Vacation, Vision Other Benefits: Not Available Full or Part Time: Part Time (Less than 30 Hours) Job Duration: Over 150 Days Type of Job: Internship Special Category: WIOA/OJT Shift: Other, see job description Hours per Week: Hours Not Specified View what local employers are paying Electrical Engineers Work Experience Work Experience Minimum Experience Required: 06 months Education and Training Education and Training Minimum Education Level Required: Bachelor's Degree Required License/Certification: No Related Education Opportunities Skills Required Skills Required View this employer's job skill requirements View typical Tools and Technology skills used by Electrical Engineers View the typical workplace skills for Electrical Engineers View the personal skills that are typically associated with individuals that work as Electrical Engineers Other Skills Other Skills Special Software/Hardware skills needed: No Occupation Information Occupation Information Occupation: Electrical Engineers Other Matching Jobs: View other jobs available for Electrical Engineers Other Related Jobs: View other jobs available for occupations related to Electrical Engineers Job Distribution: View the distribution of jobs for Electrical Engineers Supply and Demand: View the competition for Electrical Engineers Future Employment Outlook: View the employment and future employment outlook for Electrical Engineers Other Employers: View the largest local employers of Electrical Engineers This section shows the number of job openings advertised online in Bernalillo County, NM for Electrical Engineers and for the related occupational group of Architecture and Engineering Occupations on August 10, 2023 (Jobs De-duplication Level 2). Occupation Job Openings Electrical Engineers 62 Architecture and Engineering Occupations 612 Source: Online advertised jobs data Career Ladder Career Ladder Personal Requirements Personal Requirements Knowledge: View the knowledge typically needed by Electrical Engineers Abilities: View the abilities typically needed by Electrical Engineers Work Styles: View the personal characteristics that can affect how well Electrical Engineers perform Nature of the Work Nature of the Work Importance: View what is typically important in a job to Electrical Engineers Work Activities: View typical work activities for Electrical Engineers Tasks: View the specific tasks commonly performed by Electrical Engineers Working Conditions: View the typical working conditions for Electrical Engineers Tools and Technology Skills: View the tools and technology generally used by Electrical Engineers Occupational Videos: View a short video about Electrical Engineers
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