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- Design User Experience- Business/ Marketing Co-op/Intern- Summer 2024 (AHM00079Y) Design User Experience- Business/ Marketing Co-op/Intern- Summer 2024 (Job Number:AHM00079Y) American Honda Motor Co Design User Experience- Business/ Marketing Co-op/Intern- Summer 2024 This job description reflects potential openings for the Summer 2024 Co-op/Internship Session (May-August). This is a general job description and represents multiple openings. Honda offers both single and multi-semester co-ops and internships. College students must apply to the requisition pertaining to their major and semester of interest. Please note: Sponsorship for employment visa status for these positions is unavailable. Applicants requiring sponsorship for employment visa status now or in the future (e.g., F-1 CPT/OPT, H-1B, TN, etc.) will not be considered. Honda Co-operative and Learning Internships Here at Honda, we pride ourselves in the invaluable experience we provide our Co-ops and Interns with. Honda Co-ops/ Interns are tasked with hands on, project based work relevant to their department of placement and their current needs (this means no coffee runs or stereotypical intern duties). Projects may be as large as developing a new test, designing systems, traveling to suppliers or serving as a project manager! In addition to the full-time associate work that our Co-ops/ Interns are given the access to work on, Honda Co-ops/ Interns are invited to participate in a variety of paid work events and experiences offered by the Honda Co-op and Internship program team. Events include but are not limited to Q&A sessions with high level associates, tours of various Honda facilities, social events, volunteer opportunities and much more! Dreams l Joy l Passion l Respect l Challenging Spirit The ideal Honda Co-op/ Intern candidate feels connected to our core values and is looking to make an impact within a global organization with all 7 continents running Honda equipment or vehicles (yes, even Antarctica). You are a dreamer and often identify areas of opportunity and take initiative to improve them yourself. You are passionate about your work and respect others. You want to be a part of something larger than you - the joy of creating, selling and buying! These values define Honda and encapsulate our rich history and what continues to push us forward in a competitive era of mobility. It's a big team for a big effort, and we need individuals with varying perspectives to make our products great. Because different people, with different perspectives and ideas are the key to helping Honda bring the future! More about the Design User Experience- Business Co-op/Internship at Honda The description below reflects the potential environment and duties for the Design User Experience Co-op/ Intern position. Work environments and projects may include but are not limited to: Auto Design and User Experience Create business cases for new product proposals (physical and/or digital products, services) Work in tandem with Business Analytics consultancy What you need to be successful in this role Required: Effective oral and written communication skills Customer service and interpersonal skills Computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point) Analytical and problem-solving skills Minimum 2.5 Cumulative GPA or higher (You will be required to provide your current transcript) Class status - Sophomore (by credit hour) or above Availability to work a minimum of 10 weeks at 40 hours per week Enrollment in a Bachelor's or Master's degree program studying Graphic Arts, Industrial Design, Media Arts, degree; dual degree in design and business is a plus; dual masters degree (MBA + Design) a plus; social media marketing experience a plus Valid U.S. Driver's License (exceptions considered on a case-by-case basis) Ability to secure own transportation to and from work each day *Public transportation and ride share services are limited in some of our locations. Co-ops are responsible for securing their own transportation to and from work each day, and must have a reliable plan for transportation in order to be eligible for a position. Regular in-person attendance is required, and transportation issues will not be excused. Desired: Dual degree in design and business is a plus; dual masters degree (MBA + Design) a plus; social media marketing experience a plus Position Location The Design User Experience Co-op/ Intern position is offered in the location listed below: Torrance, California (30 minutes south of Downtown Los Angeles, California) Honda Co-operative and Learning Internships Program Benefits Housing Accommodations: Honda offers housing at a shared cost or a housing stipend based on location for our Co-ops and Interns. It is not required to opt-in to but is available should you need housing at the time of your Co-op/ Internship with Honda. Honda Business Resource Groups: One of the ways Honda gives diversity a voice is through its business resource groups. The associate-led, company-supported groups have members aligned across different dimensions of diversity such as gender, ethnicity, ability, life stage and experiences. The groups provide networking opportunities, a chance to give back and professional development. Some groups have even given feedback on Honda products, making them more appealing to all. Embracing all views is what will drive us into the future. Honda wants passionate, driven people to be a part of that future. Performance Feedback: Honda Co-ops and Interns will have the opportunity to receive informal and formal feedback from their leaders, ask questions and express future interest in a scheduled mid-term and final evaluation. Mentorship: Each Co-op/ Intern is assigned a mentor in your department to help you navigate your time at Honda. On-site Wellness Center: Co-ops and Interns have access to join our Wellness Centers (varies by location). Our Wellness Centers are fully equipped gyms with cardio machines, weights, basketball courts, pools, dieticians, personal trainers and group fitness classes. Paid overtime: Co-ops and Interns will receive 1.5 times their hourly rate of pay for any overtime worked. Hourly Wage Range:$21.29 - $28.54 Pay will be based on several variables that include, but not limited to, geographic location, work experience, education, etc. Consideration for full time employment: Our Cooperative Learning Internship program is utilized as a talent pipeline for our full time positions! Additional details regarding Honda Co-op and Intern benefits are provided upon offer.
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  • Miscellaneous$950

  • Food$486

  • Transportation$339

  • Utilities$309


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