Biology and Environmental Science Teachers

Kipp Public Schools Northern CaliforniaSan Francisco, CA

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Job Title

Biology Teacher/Environmental Science - High School

Job Location

San Francisco, California

Job Overview

  • Teach with Purpose: Our teachers play a key role in bringing to life the academic and cultural visions of our schools. This includes daily lesson planning, intentional curriculum design, and regular data analysis to help all students learn and grow. Our teachers also implement Social Emotional Learning lessons and Restorative Practices to create a joyful, inclusive classroom community.
  • Support and Collaboration: Our teachers work closely with the school's Leadership Team, including their Instructional Coach, to ensure students are learning and growing. This includes weekly meetings, and ongoing feedback so we can continue to grow in our instructional practices.
  • Commitment to Anti-Racism: We are committed to creating an anti-racist school community. We engage in ongoing development to reflect on their own identities and experiences and how that shapes us as people, educators, and leaders. As a community, we regularly analyze our school systems, academics, culture, data etc. to reflect on our progress towards being an anti-racist organization and to make changes to address the needs of our community.


KIPP Northern California is dedicated to you and your family's well-being! We offer a competitive salary as well as a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, vision, and transportation benefits.

We benchmark annually against school districts and charter schools in the regions where we operate, to offer competitive salaries. Our salary step scale for this position type is reflected here:

  • KIPP Bay Area Scale
  • KIPP Stockton Scale


  • Daily lesson planning and long-term planning using curriculum and resources to align with KIPP's academic vision and goals.
  • Analyze data regularly to identify student academic trends and inform instructional practices.
  • Maintain a positive, warm, inclusive, rigorous, and engaging classroom environment that incorporates Restorative Practices and Social Emotional Learning.
  • Implement culturally responsive classroom management strategies to create a safe environment for all students to learn and achieve.
  • Communicate regularly with staff, students, families, and other key stakeholders to ensure strong partnerships.
  • Attend and engage in weekly Professional Development and other Communities of Practice to continue learning and growing as an educator.
  • Update student records regularly, including attendance, grades, behavior data, etc.


#Preferred Qualifications


  • Experience as an educator teaching students with similar demographics to our KIPP Public Schools Northern California student community


  • Hold a B.A/B.S degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • Meet one of the following eligibility requirements:
    • Hold a valid teaching credential in Science, or
    • Eligibility for a General Education Limited Assignment Permit, or
    • Eligibility for a Provisional Internship Permit, or
    • Eligibility for a Short Term Staff Permit

Knowledge/skills required:

  • Commitment to KIPP mission and vision
  • Commitment to being an anti-racist educator
  • Believe all students can achieve at the highest academic levels
  • Possess strong content area knowledge
  • Strong skills building relationships with students, families, and communities
  • Communicate well with students, families, and colleagues
  • Have proficient knowledge of Google Suite applications (Google Classroom, Hangout, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.)
  • Have the ability to learn and utilize instructional technology to support in-class and distance learning (i.e. Zoom, Nearpod)

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Estimated Monthly Living Expenses

For San Francisco, CA | $6,327/mo

  • Housing/Rent$3,927

  • Miscellaneous$1,096

  • Food$570

  • Utilities$368

  • Transportation$366


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