Pharmacy Grad Interns

WalmartSaratoga Springs, NY

3 months ago


Job Title

Pharmacy Pre-Grad Intern

Job Location

Saratoga Springs, New York, United States

Job Overview

As a Pharmacy Pre-Grad Intern at Walmart, you will have the opportunity to provide exceptional customer service while assisting with prescription processing and merchandise management. This is a full-time position in our on-site retail environment.


  • Hourly wage range: $14.20-$27.00
  • Additional compensation may include annual or quarterly performance incentives, regional pay zone, sales volume category, complex structure, and academy premium pay.


  • Ensure confidentiality of information and adhere to company policies and guidelines.
  • Assist with prescription processing, over-the-counter orders, and purchases.
  • Stock and secure pharmacy supplies and merchandise.
  • Provide outstanding customer service, resolve issues and concerns, and promote products and services.
  • Operate cash registers and process customer purchases.
  • Receive and stock merchandise from distribution centers and suppliers.
  • Maintain the pharmacy area, handle claims and returns, organize merchandise, and ensure a safe work environment.
  • Stock and rotate merchandise, clean and organize product displays, and maintain pricing and signage.


  • Enrolled in an accredited Pharmacy school.

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Career Paths

People who completed this type of internship end up in the following types of jobs

Top majors

That get hired for this type of internship

  • Pharmacy83%

  • Biology2%

  • Chemistry1%

  • Business Administration Management And Operations1%

  • Biochemistry1%

  • 112 other majors10%

People who did this kind of internship end up at the following companies

  • Walgreens
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Rite Aid
  • Target
  • Walmart
Estimated Monthly Living Expenses

For Saratoga Springs, NY | $3,634/mo

  • Housing/Rent$1,652

  • Miscellaneous$935

  • Food$468

  • Utilities$294

  • Transportation$285


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