UnclassifiedSan Diego, CA

14 days ago


Job Title

Intern/Junior Marketing Associate - Wyzr Friends App

Job Location

San Diego

Job Overview

We are a new San Diego-based startup called Wyzr Friends, offering a friendship and activity app for adults. We launched in September on Apple and Google Play and are seeking real users over 18 to complete their free profiles on the App. We are currently hiring intern/junior marketing associates to promote the app at local San Diego events, campuses, and shopping centers. This is a paid freelance position.


  • Hourly rate
  • Complimentary lunch


  • Promote Wyzr Friends app at local San Diego events, campuses, and shopping centers
  • Encourage people to download the app and complete their profiles


  • Must be comfortable using apps
  • Outgoing personality and enjoy approaching and engaging with people
  • Ability to persuade individuals to download and complete a profile on the app
  • Attention to detail and ability to effectively communicate the benefits of the app

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Estimated Monthly Living Expenses

For San Diego, CA | $5,168/mo

  • Housing/Rent$3,028

  • Miscellaneous$925

  • Food$487

  • Utilities$383

  • Transportation$345


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