Environmental Program Managers

Conservation Corps Minnesota And IowaSaint Paul, MN

3 months ago


Job Title

Assistant Program Manager for Increasing Diversity in Environmental Careers Program (IDEC)

Job Location

St. Paul, Minnesota

Job Overview

  • Actively Recruiting: Yes
  • Position title: Assistant Program Manager for Increasing Diversity in Environmental Careers Program (IDEC)
  • Type of Position: Staff (Full-Time)
  • Town, City, Park, etc: St. Paul
  • State / Territory: Minnesota
  • Benefits: Dental Insurance, Health Insurance
  • Project/Program Focus: Other


  • FOUNDED IN: 2003
  • Address: 60 Plato Blvd E. Ste. 210, St. Paul, Minnesota, 55107


  • In partnership with staff at the Department of Natural Resources, design, implement, and administer the overall IDEC Program, including goals and outcomes, key performance measures, outreach and recruitment plans, application and selection process, agency-sponsored mentorship and intern programs, program evaluation, and reporting.
  • Create, implement, and coordinate the mentorship program component of the project to ensure that participants are successfully matched to a mentor who can facilitate the economic, financial, social, and cultural barriers affecting successful entry into natural resources and environmental careers.
  • Coordinate summer internships in conjunction with the DNR IDEC Project Manager and CCMI's IDEC Coordinator, including a rotational internship experience for the fellows' first summer, and agency placement internships for subsequent summers.
  • Coordinate the development and awareness of paid internships, or intern-like work experiences, with partner state agencies, educational institutions, as well as the DNR to ensure that students receive exposure to the work of the DNR, MPCA, and BWSR.
  • Through regular check-ins with IDEC fellows, provide support needed to successfully complete their STEM degrees (examples include helping students identify sources of financial support, helping students access childcare, coaching students in time management, etc.)
  • Administer fellowship stipends/scholarships to participants twice a year in coordination with CCMI finance team.
  • Coordinate recruitment for future IDEC cohorts (typically up to 15 students) in conjunction with IDEC Coordinator and CCMI recruitment team.
  • Coordinate and participate in application review and selection of IDEC fellows in collaboration with the DNR IDEC Project Manager and CCMI IDEC Coordinator.
  • Support fellows in finding employment in the environmental field after graduation.
  • Collaborate and partner with DNR IDEC Project Manager in the program design, implementation, and administration for IDEC activities and program offerings.
  • Evaluate the program to ensure a high-quality program that meets the needs of communities, project partners, and participants.
  • Prepare program reports and presentations for the DNR IDEC Project Manager and to share program accomplishments with multiple stakeholders including Conservation Corps Program Manager for Individual Placements and Senior Leadership Team.


  • Please refer to the original job description for the specific requirements.

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Estimated Monthly Living Expenses

For Saint Paul, MN | $3,499/mo

  • Housing/Rent$1,507

  • Miscellaneous$950

  • Food$457

  • Transportation$297

  • Utilities$288


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