Marketing Specialist


8 months ago


Job Title

Marketing Specialist

Job Location

San Jose, Fremont, Hayward, San Ramon (Initial travel is required, after which they can choose the home office location best suited for their needs)

Job Overview

We are looking for a hardworking Marketing Specialist to join our office and help set up and maintain our social media and referral presence across the Bay Area! The ideal candidate would possess a Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree in Marketing or a related field, and would be able to independently promote and maintain excellent working relationships between inter-disciplinary specialty clinics and our own Neurodiagnostic Centers. The candidate must possess good communication skills (writing, typing, and phone etiquette), and it is preferable that the candidate also possesses some basic knowledge of healthcare policies and procedures, social media, and Neurodiagnostic studies. While it is not necessary that this experience be in a Neurology-focused setting, it is a bonus. New graduates who are eager to learn and gain experience are welcome to apply, we will provide on-site and hands-on training!


Salary range is dependent upon the candidate's experience. Pay: $20.00 - $22.00 per hour


  • Independently market our new Neurodiagnostic Centers by traveling between provider's offices and increasing awareness of the in-house diagnostic procedures we offer, their benefits, and the referral process
  • Answer phones, emails, faxes, and other communication regarding our Centers
  • Maintain healthy referral relationships between providers on our roster and address any possible questions or concerns
  • Create and maintain an online social media presence through platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, our personal websites, and more
  • Keep an excellent and legible record of all relevant information regarding our referral roster and social media accounts


  • Good Communication Skills (Required)
  • Social Media Knowledge (Required)
  • Marketing Knowledge (Required)
  • Bachelor's Degree or Associate's Degree (Preferred)
  • 1 Year of Clinical Experience or any Healthcare Experience (Preferred)
  • Working knowledge of Medical Terminology and Neurodiagnostic Procedures (Preferred)

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