Certified Middle School Science/Biology Teacher

Pinecrest Tavares AcademyTavares, FL

8 months ago


Job Title

Educator - Teaching, Instruction, and Guidance

Job Location

One location

Job Overview

  • Serve as an educator in the teaching, instruction, and guidance of students in various academic courses
  • Adhere to established curriculum standards and instructional guidelines set by Pinecrest Inc. and educational systems
  • Deliver courses, administer tests, and submit final grades
  • Perform related work as directed


  • Pay: $48,500.00 - $60,500.00 per year
  • Benefits:
    • 401(k) with matching
    • Dental insurance
    • Employee assistance program
    • Flexible spending account
    • Health insurance
    • Health savings account
    • Life insurance
    • Paid time off
    • Professional development assistance
    • Retirement plan
    • Tuition reimbursement
    • Vision insurance


  • Deliver courses according to established curriculum standards
  • Administer tests or equivalent course criteria
  • Tabulate and submit students' final course grades


  • [Please include the specific requirements for the job here]

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Career Paths

People who completed this type of internship end up in the following types of jobs

Top majors

That get hired for this type of internship

  • Education35%

  • Elementary Education And Teaching7%

  • Mathematics4%

  • English Language And Literature4%

  • Psychology4%

  • 118 other majors43%

People who did this kind of internship end up at the following companies

  • Kalamazoo Public Schools
  • Professional Education Services Group
Estimated Monthly Living Expenses

For Tavares, FL | $3,297/mo

  • Housing/Rent$1,434

  • Miscellaneous$843

  • Food$457

  • Utilities$305

  • Transportation$258


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