Supply Chain Planner

job - full time, paid

ASP Staffing Accounting & Finance
Los Angeles, CA
Posted 33 Days ago
ASP Staffing Accounting & Finance
Los Angeles, CA
job - full time, paid
Posted 33 Days ago


Job Description


The Supply Chain Planner is responsible for evaluating and implementing MRP generated production plans based on the forecast provided by the Marketing department. This role addresses the feasibility and the fulfillment of special production requests and assists with evaluating the finished goods inventory. The planner coordinates with the buyers for all production and material related issues.


  • Position Details:
  • Generates monthly production plans based on marketing forecast, inventory and open orders, making sure inventory are replenished prior to the determined safety stock level.
  • Coordinates and plans production with procurement teams for private labels and special non-inventory finished goods or bulk products.
  • Monitors and approves large orders on a regular basis. Reviews sales tracking against finished goods inventory while coordinating and expediting the placement of purchase orders and/or delivery of material such that deadlines are met.
  • Coordinates with marketing on the production of new items by requesting the sales forecast and communicates with buyers to determine initial production quantity and launch dates.
  • Takes lead in coordinating with Marketing, QC, and International departments on promotion or special large quantity fulfillment to ensure that inventory will not  be at critical low levels.
  • Assists buyers or sourcing department personnel with raw material forecast based on forecast and future production needs.
  • Monitors and analyzes production workloads and keeps manager apprised on a regular basis.
  • Creates and approves distribution orders for material transfers. Maintains accurate customer order spreadsheet.

Job Requirements:

  • BA Degree Required
  •  Minimum 2+ years of relevant planning experience
  • Must be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and work independently with excellent accuracy and with minimal supervision.
  • Must be able to work with multiple departments
  • Must be proficient with Word and Outlook
  • Must have excellent knowledge of Excel




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