Art Teacher

job - full time, paid

MUSE Academy
Brooklyn, NY
Posted 32 Days ago
MUSE Academy
Brooklyn, NY
job - full time, paid
Posted 32 Days ago


Job Description

 MUSE Academy ( is seeking a part-time Art Teacherwho will be responsible for helping to shape and deliver a unique education experience at an exciting, new independent school in Brooklyn, NY.

MUSE Academy at the Brooklyn Music School provides students with a comprehensive humanist education, that includes, arts, languages, humanities, mathematics, and sciences, with a strong focus on music and the performing arts. MUSE Academy opened in the Fall of 2018 for students from Pre-K3 to Kindergarten, and will eventually expand through high school. Find more background at

We are seeking a flexible and creative educator with exceptional skills in arts education to teach children from pre-K through 1st grade in art twice a week, as well as in our after-school program.

The position requires a strong knowledge of the subject matter, ability to bring the excitement and joy of visual arts alive for younger children, and a passion for teaching and our school mission. We also require the entrepreneurial energy level and drive required to be a member a new, highly differentiated educational institution.

Our mission is to help children grow into fully rounded students, artists, and citizens who are highly successful academically, develop their full potential in music and the performing arts, and acquire the skills necessary to be able to thrive in a fast evolving world.

The job includes responsibility for helping to define and shape the arts program at MUSE Academy, including:

  • Helping to refine the methodology, learning outcomes, and lesson plans for MUSE visual arts curriculum
  • Collaborating closely with Head of School and other faculty to help create dense interconnections of arts with other academic subjects and music and the performing arts
  • Actively participating in Information Sessions with prospective parents to convey the experience and outcomes of a MUSE Academy education in a compelling fashion
  • Creating an environment that is student-centered, inquiry-based and allows students to reach their potential in all areas

We are looking for an exceptional individual to realize our ambitious vision for a brand new independent school within the context of a century-old music school located in the heart of Brooklyn’s cultural district. Qualifications include:

  • Proven excellence as an educator who can inspire and engage children
  • Capacity to assist in developing an innovative, integrated curriculum in collaboration with other teaching artists and academic faculty
  • Knowledge of arts education topics, materials, pedagogy and instructional strategies
  • Capacity to accurately reflect on one’s practice and engage in a professional community that strives for continued excellence
  • Ability to convey a vision of the MUSE educational approach through strong oral and written communications skills
  • Reliable and empathetic educator for younger children
  • Ability to thrive in a startup environment

Performance will be evaluated on basis of tangible markers of success, including:

  • Contributing to and implementing a well-defined curriculum that draws upon best practices for arts education
  • Achieving high levels of engagement from students, enabling them to develop to the fullest extent of their individual talents and passion
  • Capacity to set, monitor, evaluate and meet student outcomes for growth based on standards agreed upon by the team
  • Participating in an active professional development community that seeks to collaboratively implement best practices
  • Effectively managing responsibilities for both the classroom and school
  • Building lasting relationships with students and families

If you believe you are the right person, please forward a resume and cover letter indicating why you are a proper fit for the position.

Preferred education: Masters

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $50 per hour

Company Description

Who We Are

MUSE Academy provides students with a comprehensive humanist education that includes arts, languages, humanities, mathematics and sciences, with a strong focus on music and the performing arts. MUSE Academy opened in the fall of 2018 and will expand to include full grade school and a middle school over the following years. Our mission is to help children grow into fully rounded students, artists and citizens who are highly successfully academically, develop their full potential in music and the performing arts, and acquire skills required to thrive in a fast evolving world. MUSE Academy is closely affiliated with the Brooklyn Music School, a community school for the performing arts, founded in 1909.


teaching, art education, visual arts, classroom management, curriculum design, editing, lesson planning, differentiated instruction, music, performing arts, middle school, pedagogy, microsoft word, fashion, brand development

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