Sacramento was an important town during the gold rush days, and it still boasts plenty of historical sites. Today, Sacramento is a very livable city, full of great local amenities, stable housing prices, high graduation rates, and excellent weather. 

For college students, there are plenty of opportunities for internships. Like most of California, the cost of living is high, but it's lower than most of the state. It has a reputation for higher crime, but it does offer some very livable neighborhoods.

The city has a broad-based economy, with transportation and government representing the largest employment opportunities. Sacramento is still a rich mining and agricultural city, but these have been surpassed by technology (Intel and Hewlett-Packard), communications (AT&T), leisure and hospitality, education (California State), healthcare (Sutter Health and UC Davis), aerospace (Aerojet and Gen Corp), and construction. The well-educated residents and proximity to research centers draw high-tech companies to the area. Sacramento has one of the strongest economies in California, and job growth has remained strong. 

For many reasons, Sacramento is an attractive location for college students and interns seeking to jump start their careers.

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