25+ Internship Cover Letter Examples

Updated: August 9, 2022

Your resume lists your experience, but your cover letter tells your story. It’s what makes you stand out from the 250 other applications for the same role. It tells potential employers, “Hey, I really, really, really want this internship. Here’s why I want it, and here’s how I’ll help you.”

In this guide, we’ll review the basics of how to write an internship cover letter, as well as what to include and how to format everything. Then, you can peruse our cover letter examples to spark your writing creativity. Simply scroll down to your desired field or job title to see if we have internship, entry-level, or both versions available. We’re always updating our content, so check back frequently!

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How to Write Cover Letters for Internships: A Quick Review

So, why write an internship cover letter? Well, your cover letter is your official introduction to would-be employers. It tells the organization how their internship complements your academics, why you’re interested in joining them, and how the internship will help you develop as a professional and set you up for post-graduation success. And of course, it tells the company exactly what you can bring to their organization.

You can learn more about the why’s and how’s of cover letters in our guide to how to write an internship cover letter. If you just need a reminder on the basic components of a well-crafted cover letter, here are our top tips and tricks. You can also review the top internship cover letter mistakes here.

  1. Address it to a specific person and state which role you’re applying to.
  2. First, focus on how you’ll add value for the organization by highlighting your relevant skills.
  3. Second, focus on how the internship will help you meet your professional goals.
  4. Keep it to 3–5 paragraphs or 200–400 words (introduction, body, and conclusion).
  5. Don’t send the same cover letter to everyone; tailor it to the specific role.
  6. Integrate keywords from the internship description throughout.
  7. Use numbers to show your measurable impact wherever possible.


What to Include in Your Cover Letter

To get you from a blank screen to a fully realized cover letter, there are a few essentials. Every cover letter needs a header, date, company address, and salutation. These are followed by the actual text, which consists of 3–5 paragraphs (introduction, body, and conclusion), and a sign-off.

  • Header: The information at the top of your cover letter should include your full name and contact information, the date you’re applying, and the company’s mailing address.
  • Date: After your name and contact information, include the date you’re applying for the position.
  • Company address: While you probably won’t snail mail your letter, tradition tells us to include the company mailing address.
  • Salutation: The most appropriate option for a salutation is “Dear,” followed by the hiring manager’s name. When writing the salutation, ensure the person’s name and title are correct. And another thing: don’t open with “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Sir/Madam.”
  • Introduction: Hiring managers review hundreds of cover letters every day, so your introduction needs to make an impression—and fast. It should be one succinct, engaging paragraph, tailored to the position and company, that states why you’re writing, provides a brief overview of who you are, and summarizes what you’re about to discuss in the body of the letter.
  • Body: Now, it’s time to get specific about your qualifications and clearly describe how they relate to the position by matching the requirements outlined in the job description to your own interests and skills. You should have 1–3 body paragraphs, but the shorter, the better.
  • Conclusion: In the closing section, you should do two things: summarize why you are qualified for the position and express your appreciation for the reader’s time and consideration.


How to Format Your Cover Letter

While you want your cover letter to stand out for its content, you’ll want to stick to the basics when it comes to formatting. And if you want to learn even more about the thrilling world of cover letter formatting? Check out our Cover Letter Format Guide for Internships.

  • Length: You aren’t writing a novel. A cover letter should never be longer than one, single-spaced page. In terms of word count, your letter will typically be only 200-400 words.
  • Margins: It’s best to use standard one-inch margins, but you may use margins as small as .5 inches. Whatever you choose, be sure the margin size is consistent on all sides.
  • Font: When choosing a font, make sure it’s easy to read. Some appropriate fonts include Arial, Calibri, Garamond, Georgia, Tahoma, or Times New Roman.
  • Font size: Use size 10- to 12-point font. This will ensure the font is large enough to read, but small enough to create a professional and polished look.
  • Color: Unless you’re a graphic design major or a creative professional, stick to black font. If you’re applying to a creative industry, a tasteful splash of color may be appropriate.
  • Alignment: Left-align each paragraph. There is no need to indent the first sentence of each paragraph. Instead, hit “Return/Enter” between each paragraph. This will create a balance of text and white space.

For examples galore and more in-depth information, read our how-to guide. Now, it’s time to move on to specific examples.


Sample Cover Letter for an Internship

Here’s an internship cover letter sample to get you started writing your own.


Growing up, I took a box of markers and a pad of paper everywhere I went, so I should have known I was destined for a career in graphic design. When I discovered the graphic design internship with ABC Company on Chegg Internships, I was immediately drawn to the opportunity to join an organization renowned for its innovation. I can’t wait to gain design experience by executing creative concepts and producing a range of print and digital materials. As a junior majoring in digital arts at University of Utah, I am passionate about developing clients’ visual brands to express their distinct personalities. My coursework, creative leadership, and communication skills make me a qualified applicant for this role.

  • Coursework: I’ve completed courses in Visual Art, Art & Technology, Print Media, and Computer Animation.
  • Creative leadership: As a member of the art club, I founded Community Craft Nights, held every week to provide a relaxed environment in which students can learn and practice different projects, from calligraphy to scrapbooking.
  • Communication skills: As an employee with University of Utah’s Office of Student Life, I work with 25+ student groups to design event materials and handle student outreach.

I am excited by the chance to contribute to ABC Company, honing my design skills and learning from your pioneering team of industry experts as I prepare for a career in graphic design. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.



How to Send a Cover Letter

Once your internship cover letter is all ready to go, it’s time to send it out into the world. But what’s the best way to send it? If you’re completing an online application, simply follow the employer’s directions to upload your cover letter. Otherwise, you have a couple of options:

  1. Attach the cover letter to your email. If an employer specifically asks you to send a cover letter alongside your resume, this is your best bet. Be sure that your file name is clear and professional, not generic or confusing. Something like “Firstname_Lastname_Year_CL” works well.
  2. Paste the cover letter in the body of your email. If the employer doesn’t mention how to include a cover letter, you might want to use it as your email introduction. Make sure the salutation is the name of whomever you’re emailing before you click “send.”

Cover Letter Examples by Major and Job Title


Cover Letter Samples (by Major or Job Title) Internship Cover Letter Entry-Level Cover Letter
Accounting Yes Yes
Actuarial Analyst See
Business Internship CL
Finance Internship CL
Aerospace Engineer Yes Yes
Biochemical Engineer Yes Yes
Biology Yes Yes
Biomedical Engineer Yes Yes
Bookkeeper See “Accounting Internship CL Yes
Business Yes See
Financial Analyst CL
Investment Banker CL
Marketing CL
Chemical Engineer Yes Yes
Civil Engineer Yes Yes
Computer Science Yes See “Data Analyst CL
Copywriter Yes Yes
Data Analyst See
Computer Science Internship CL
Electrical Engineer Yes Yes
Fashion Yes Yes
Finance Yes See
Financial Analyst CL
Financial Controller CL
Investment Banker CL
Treasury Analyst CL
Financial Analyst See “Finance Internship CL Yes
Financial Controller See “Finance Internship CL Yes
Graphic Design Yes Yes
Human Resources Yes Yes
Investment Banker See “Finance Internship CL Yes
Lab Technician See “Biology Internship CL Yes
Marketing Yes See
Digital Marketing Specialist CL
Mechanical Engineer Yes Yes
Microbiologist Yes Yes
Nursing Yes Yes
Photography Yes Yes
Process Engineer Yes Yes
Project Manager Yes Yes
Psychology Yes Yes
Purchasing Yes Yes
Software Developer See
Computer Science Internship CL
Treasury Analyst See “Finance Internship CL Yes
Web Developer See
Computer Science Internship CL